Board Advisory

Diverse Executives provide advice on succession planning only when we understand the strategic direction of the business. We have over 30 year experience in providing leadership assessment , board composition advice and director recruiting both non executive/executive to global businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors. We actively present strategic business scenarios to the board in order that the board composition has resilience and the necessary competencies to cope with the challenges that lay ahead over a 3- 5 years period .These assessments have proved invaluable to the survival and profitability of many businesses.
We also advise on cultural and gender diversity to enable the modern boardroom to reflect the growing talent of executives that may be overlooked. One of Lord Davies recommendations in his gender report backed by the UK government in 0ct 2015 stated;

“Increasing the voluntary target for women’s representation in boardrooms of FTSE 350 companies, to a minimum of 33% to be achieved in the next 5 years
All stakeholders to work together to ensure increasing numbers of women are appointed to the roles of Chair, Senior Independent Director and into Executive Director positions on boards of FTSE 350 companies.
All FTSE listed companies now assess the gender balance on their boards and take prompt action to address any shortfall.”