Diverse Executives promotes the need for diversity in the boardrooms within all businesses around the world. We are the only executive recruitment company that is dedicated exclusively in this growing but niche area. We believe that diversity improves business performance by broadening perspectives and cultural appreciation so that business has the tools to enter and prosper global markets.
Starting at the top of the business is what Diverse Executives believes will have the most impact within any organisation . If we can play our part in securing “positions of influence” for diverse candidates than our goal will be achieved.

Want your next leader or Board director?

Diverse Executives has over 20 years of experience working with diverse candidates and placing them in leadership positions around the globe. We work in technology, health, finance, sport, education ,consumer,industrial, private equity and non profit making organisations.


Gender diversity

Boardrooms are still very much male dominated but this is chanOur Process ging for the better as each year passes more and more women are entering the boardroom with a significant positive impact. What is the impact?. Put quite simply it provides for a much needed different way of thinking and tackling company issues. This difference adds to what we call “corporate balance” .


Diverse Candidates we include:

+ Race
+ Age
+ Gender
+ Disability
+ Faith
+Sexual Orientation
+ Transgender